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Job Interview

Body language can definitely send a positive (or negative) message, so don't let this be the reason you don't get the job. Here are several tips to make sure you make the very best impression:

Eye Contact - Maintain good eye contact. Do not let your eyes wander. This will make it appear like you are not engaged or bored with the conversation.

Good Posture - The best way to sit during an interview is neutral - sit tall and keep your spine straight. Don't lean, slouch, or lean forward, as you will give the appearance of being lazy.

Don't Cross Your Arms - This give the impression that you are on the defense.

Try to Calm Your Nerves - Interviews can rattle the nerves, but don't let this come through in the interview. Be aware to not bite your nails, click your pen, or fiddle with your clothing. All of these things become a distraction and can irritate the interviewer.

Be Enthusiastic - Smile and remain energetic, but try not to nod the interviewer to death; don't come across as a "bobble head doll."

Communicate With Your Mouth (not your hands) - Lots of people have a bad habit of talking with their hands. Do your best to avoid doing this and keep your hands placed in your lap.

It is vitally important to be aware of how you present yourself non-verbally. It is suggested that you role play and record yourself so you can figure out how you can improve. Make sure to practice greeting your interviewer with a good handshake (no limp fish).

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