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Most candidates are totally unprepared for what is often the first question asked in an interview: "So...tell me about yourself." Many struggle with coming up with a good answer and blunder and bobble around as they try to think of something smart and appropriate to say. With a little bit of time and thought you can create a natural, but polished, 1 to 2-minute response that will nail the answer to this very predictable question and get your interview off to a great start.

Four Simple Steps to Follow....

1. Review the job description - what experience and credentials are needed? What job skills are listed? Check out the company website and learn as much as you can about its mission and goals.

2. Match your best qualifications to the job description - how do your goals align with the company mission? Focus on your top three qualifications and accomplishments that are relevant to the job.

3. Organize your answer with a simple, but powerful, response - start with the present, where you are now. Then, talk a little about the past and your previous experience and skills that are relevant to the job for which you are applying. Finally, finish with the future - why you are excited about using your specific skills and experience in this new position.

4. Write a draft of your answer and then condense it down to 1-2 minutes. Write it out and time yourself. Practice in front of a mirror so you are comfortable with it, but don't make it sound memorized. Then practice in front of your friends and family so that it sounds natural and conversational.

SAMPLE: I have been an Account Manager at ABC Ad Sales for the past 4 1/2 years where I oversee the development and implementation of brand strategies for our top 15 clients. Prior to that I was a team leader at the high-profile advertising agency, XYZ Media, where my team specialized in creating unique brands for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I have extensive experience in PDQ branding software as well as Net X, Microsoft Office, and BrandFactor. I really enjoy working in the advertising and social media industry and look forward to learning more about the Senior Account Management position and how I might be an asset to your company.


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