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Unfortunately, a call-back doesn't happen with every job application you submit. What is the key to getting that all-important response from prospective employers? A Strong Resume is EVERYTHING and must contain information, facts, and accomplishments that meet the employer's needs and demonstrate how you can make contributions and be an asset to their team. The following are suggestions to help increase the odds:

Provide examples of skills and accomplishments, not just job duties. It's not as simple as providing past responsibilities you have had. Employers want to know your skills, the results you produced, and how they can apply to the position they are hiring for. Ensure your resume effectively demonstrates your potential and what you can do for them.

Use keywords from the job description. Your resume should contain information reflective of what is presented in the publicized job description. Matching keywords will make you more relevant to the prospective company and will improve the chance of your resume being reviewed and considered.

Know where to send your resume. If you follow the "typical" crowd of job seekers submitting your resume to a general HR email address or simply clicking on "Apply Now" on the job board, the chance of your resume standing out is slim. Do some research and find the right contact to get in touch with. Today's social media access makes it easier than ever to network your way into a job opportunity.

These are just a few of the basics to ensure the resume you submit results in a call-back. Good Luck!

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