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Your job search is a full-time job in itself. Thankfully, there are some great on-line job search sites and social networking platforms available to assist. Whether you're a part-time student looking to supplement your income or a former CEO on the hunt for the next big startup, these sites will offer a plethora of information and opportunities. From dog walking gigs to executive management positions, you can find a position that fits your needs somewhere on the web.

According to Digital Trends, the following are some of the best sites to explore.

Indeed - Indeed is the most-trafficked job search engine on the planet. With more than a billion job searches every month, and hundreds of thousands of new postings each week, the site doesn't need a fancy design. You can create a free, tailored profile; upload a resume; and search job postings aggregated from company pages, associations, and various listings from across the web. Indeed is also a useful resource for employers who can browse resumes and get in touch with potential candidates.

Glassdoor - Glassdoor isn't a traditional job search engine - it's more like Yelp, but for employees instead of comsumers. Found a listing for a job that sounds great, but don't know anything about the company? Look it up on Glassdoor, and all will become transparent. The site collects user reviews and aggregates them into a star rating (out of 5), with salary information, CEO approval ratings, and employee recommendation levels. The site also features a robust job search database that allows users to filter queries by location, job type, and rating.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn is the premiere social networking site for professionals, but it's also a great free tool for crowdsourcing and landing jobs. You can create a personalized, resume-like profile touting your work experience and various skills, and send requests to other LinkedIn users to join their network. Once you've connected with another user, you can peruse their network and create valuable contacts to further your connections with other users. The website also features an online job board where employers can post available openings and LinkedIn users can apply.

Monster - Monster was once the king of online job boards. Although that may no longer be the case, the website still serves a great alternative, one that touts more than a million available listings. The site allows you to upload your resume for greater customization, as well as browse listings based on wage, time, category, and a slew of other basic metrics. The website offers career advice as well, including resume and salary negotiation tips, potential job interview questions, and other tips that might help you land your next job.

CareerBuilder - CareerBuilder offers a basic set of features, allowing you to browse and search job postings by skillset, company, and location, among other categories. A free account gives you options for uplocating your resume, managing your job history, and accessing the site's comprehensive salary calculator. The site even offers a free job competition report so you can get a glimpse of the competition for any job you're considering.

USAJobs - USAJobs is the U.S. government's official site for federal jobs and their accompanying information. Although the site is a bit limited, there are still thousands of jobs to comb through, and the site boasts a deep pool of search filters. USAJobs is frequently updated and features government positions that other job sites may have missed. You can even apply for jobs directly through the site, allowing you to streamline the entire application process.

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