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Resume length is one of those issues that perplexes job seekers. Many wonder if their resume should be one page long or if it is acceptable to have two pages or more.

One-Page Resume - Ideally, your resume should be one page, because recruiters and managers have short attention spans, It's your ad; it doesn't have to be comprehensive. If you feel the need to include everything you've done in your entire career, you're not thinking about the "buyer," who just needs to know what's relevant.

A tip for keeping your resume short and easy to read is to use a Summary Statement. It's better than a career objective and contains what you want people to know about you in a nutshell. This makes it easy for recruiters to know your focus and your skills. If you have a long work history, know that most people don't read what you did 10 years ago, Put the focus on your most recent accomplishments.

Two-Page Resume - While everyone agrees shorter is better, it's a fact that some will need longer resumes. If you've got a lot of varied experience or a long career, you may well need more space to tell your story. Two pages may be ok, but three or more pages is too much. The best way to present your career information is through a chronological resume format with bulleted skills listed below each position. Stay focused on what's most relevant to prospective employers and let go of information that doesn't help win job interviews (positions held long ago, outdated accomplishments, old training, and hobbies).

Final Word on Resume Format - Experts agree that the key to writing an effective resume of any length is to choose elements carefully. Your resume is your first introduction to a recruiter or hiring manager, so you need to make sure it tells the best story possible. Design is equally as important as resume length and content. A one-page resume that's crammed with information is less desirable than a well-organized two-page resume that is easy to read and disgest.

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